Stamp Book Prices: How much is a book of stamps?

Read this article to learn of the stamp Book Prices. The question How much is a book of stamps?
is answered in detail here. First, let’s define what a stamp book is.

Stamp Book Definition

At times it gets a little controversial to define what a book of stamps is because the same term may hold a variety of meanings depending on the context of the conversation. On one account, we could define a book of stamps as a stamp collector’s portfolio.

On a different account, it could be a portfolio of savings stamps. On the last account, it could mean a collection of stamp sheets bound together to form an album of stamps. Each of the sheets in the book typically contains four standard size stamps even though it could contain only a single large-sized stamp.

The typical number of sheets in the book is usually 20 sheets per book in a fashion that would resemble receipts in a receipt book held together by a narrow selvage.

Stamp Book Uses

There are only about three reasons why you would want to own a stamp book today depending on what value you attach to stamps.

  1. If you are a stamp collector and you are sort of into collecting stamps to create a book, you may be driven by the fan of it. A stamp collection is a like a piece of history and therefore in such a case, you are using it as a historical record.
  2. You may also use a stamp book as a “bank” of stamps that you will come and resell later on to those who are looking for old stamps. Or you may opt to redeem them for cash at a later date.
  3. The most common use of holding a book stamp is for the sake of convenience. If you would not like to be buying single stamps every time you need to post mail then buying in bulk as a stamp book/booklet lets you have them when you need them.

How many stamps are contained a book?

A standard stamp book/booklet from USPS would contain 20 individual stamps, which is assuming the stamps are of the standard size (22.10 mm x 24.89 mm) you would use for a one ounce mail.

There are other special cases, for example, when the stamps are of the size 39.6 mm x 24.1 mm or more that there could only be 4, 6 or 12 stamps in a book/booklet depending on the kind of stamps you would need. If the book or the booklet is not for you, then try buying a stamp at a time.

Can I buy individual stamps?

Yes! You can definitely buy individual stamps rather than buy a whole stamp book. However, do not expect to buy individual stamps from every stamp vendor, apart from USPS.

There are a few vendors such as Walgreens who only allow bulk (stamp book) purchase. You need to confirm with your closest stamp vendor first.

You can read more about single and bulk stamp purchase in my other article How to buy stamps in Bulk at USPS and others.

How much is a book of stamps?

If we go by the general agreement that a standard book of stamps contains 20 stamps, then the price of a book of stamps would be $9.80. A standard forever stamp needed to mail a 1 ounce first-class mail stands at 49 cents and therefore a booklet costs $9.80.

However, these are standardized calculations. Not all stamps hold the same value! Please refer to the article Postage stamps prices and cost to learn about some factors that may affect the value of a stamp. In some cases, the cost of a book of stamps may vary. However, variations are quite rare.

How much is a book of wedding stamps?

Wedding stamps are no exception to the standard pricing of stamps and neither are they exempt from the standard mailing rates. If you are looking forward to buy a book of wedding stamps to rhyme with that invitation you would like to send to potential attendees, then you will still be paying like you would for other stamps.

Under normal circumstances, a book of wedding stamps will cost you $9.80 because each of the stamps is charged at 49 cents. Twenty of them make $9.80.

How much is a book of stamps UK

The pricing of stamps in the UK slightly differs from that of the United States and therefore you would not expect USPS stamps to be similar in price to Royal Mail stamps.

Stamp books in the UK come with 4, 6, and 12 stamps with the prices varying between £3.90 on the low end and £7.80 on the high end.

For instance a stamp book containing 4 first Class Large Stamp that you are allowed to change color and font costs £3.90 while a second class £3.04.

How much is a book of stamps at the post office?

If you opt to go straight to the post office and buy your stamps, then there is little chance that a booklet will cost any different from the price your nearest vendor sells them. The standard prices do stand and therefore a stamp book, which typically carries 20 stamps will cost $9.80, while each stamp holds the value of posting a once ounce mail.

Stamp Book Prices at Major Retailers

The USPS has authorized numerous vendors in the United States to sell stamps to the public under exclusive agreements that make sure that they (the vendors) reflect the values projected by USPS itself.

That is to say, the stamp prices you find at USPS are technically the same as you would find from major retailers across the country even though cannot be said of all retailers. What may differ is whether such retails sell exclusively in bulk, as single stamps, or even both. In some cases prices may differ by a small margin in favor of the retailer.

Review the article Retailers that sell stamps in Bulk to get some insight into how major retailers across the United States price stamps.

Cost of Stamp Books at Walgreens

The stamps you find at Walgreens are the same ones you get from your nearest post office. The store sells individual stamps as well as stamp books. For the standard stamp book of 20 pieces, the cost remains $9.80.

However, Walgreens is also known to “occasionally” provide discounts if you go for the book purchase rather than individual stamps. For example, the store has offered a 20-pieced the book for 40 cents a few times. If you are a cost saver, then this is the deal for you.

Cost of Stamp Books at Walmart

Walgreens is not the only place you could take advantage of discounts. As a store, Walmart screams discount up front and therefore there is a higher chance than any other that you may land a discount if you keep an eye on their prices.

Stamp books are the way to go if you need affordable stamp prices in the store. Even though the $9.80 is the prices that you will most likely encounter, at times you could find the 20-pieced stamp books at $9.00 or 5 books (100 pieces) at $34.

Cost of Stamp Books at Kroger

Kroger enforces a rule that all buyers must buy stamp books and not individual stamps. You would expect a fair pricing as you would find at Walmart or even Walgreens. The sad news is that Kroger keeps with the USPS prices of $9.80 for stamp books with no observable discounts.  

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